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Mona Ziegler

Name: Mona Ziegler
Birthday: 1953-05-09
Gender: Female


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Joined: 2006-10-15


10/15/2006 4:10 PM


To all of my family, old friends in Illinois, new friends in Missouri and online friends - welcome to my.intellipups. I am thankful to my brother Eric who has made this possible. His creativity is never ending. I hope in the coming months this site will grow and create a common ground for all of us dog lovers where questions can be answered, training ideas can be discussed, and and we can just show off our four footed friends.

The move from Illinois to Missouri has been an interesting one. Many things have happened in the last 9 months. I could write a book. My fur babies and I almost went to the land of Oz on March 12, 2006. There was a terrible storm that took off part of my roof. Mind you my house isn't built yet, I'm in a mobile home. The coyotes sit under my bedroom window and howl. Oh yeah, and then there were the two snakes and huge spiders, not to mention the connector on the toliet that broke at 5:00 in the morning when I sat down. Am I enjoying the move you ask? You bet I am. My dogs are loving the acreage. They run and play. Now when I throw a tennis ball they really have to run. Well there is more to tell but my fur babies want to go out. For those that know Rebel, he can be pretty persistant. And oh yeah, please welcome my new addition Kip's Court Jester (Chester) my little pomeranian. He gives the border collies a run for their money. He is very cute and smart. He knows exactly how to get my attention. Wait a minute. I'm the trainer, he's the puppy. I should be getting his attention. Oh well, what are you going to do!!!

Love to all,

Mona (aunt fannie, the dog nanny)

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