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The best thing to give someone... is a chance!

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I'm a dog lover from 'way back'. I've raised many dogs of many breeds in my lifetime from 'mutts' to German Shepards to Dobermans, but none seemed to capture my heart as much as the three Cocker Spaniels we had until a couple of years ago.

First we got Missy. She was just 6 weeks old when we got her, and cute as could be. Almost 2 years later, she had 5 beautiful pups. We ended up keeping 2 of them, which is a story in and of itself, because we didn't mean to, and had plenty of people that wanted them. But they were part of the family for the next 13 years.

Then, Missy got sick, and ultimately died in my arms. 10 days later, her daugher Josie died... and 2 months later, my buddy and Missy's son, Dusty, also died.

We couldn't believe it. I still haven't gotten over it. I know that someday I'll have another dog, but just the thought of the grief we had when we lost the Cockers seems to stop me from getting one; even though my wife really wants another puppy. Maybe one of these days...

  About mesaba

OK! I'm "Aunt Fannie's" (Mona's) brother, a fairly well known system developer (see HERE for more on that.)

But I put together the website for her to bring the dog loving community together into its own online 'social community'.

I've done the same for other projects (like the CastHopper project) and the EMCOM National Emergency Alert Notification System.

If this site 'catches on", I'll go ahead and add other features like a photo gallery, and the ability to send photos taken on your cell phone camera directly onto your My.Intellipups website.

SO... Enjoy; meet new people... invite your friends to join you, and let's make a great success.

By the way... if you have suggestions for the site, use the contact form and "Aunt Fannie" will make sure I get them.

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01/19/2007 10:01 AM

Test Blog

Just doing some testing!

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