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Yep, that's me on the left, holding "Aunt Fannie's" own 'Chester'. (Aunt Fannie is my sister-in-law... no, I didnt' dog-nap Chester!)

We snapped the picture out in the backyard when Aunt Fannie (Mona) was over here visiting. That by itself is a small miracle, since she moved to the country, its hard to get her back into the city!


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01/21/2007 12:01 PM

Fun in the Snow!

Boy-O-Boy, did we have fun this morning! Almost 5" of snow and the backyard was a white wonderland of fun. Round and round we went chasing each other, careful to stay away from the pool and fish pond (learned my lesson last week). This is Buddy's first real winter with so much snow so I (Lilly) had to teach him a few tricks (HAHA) After our fun in the snow, mom and dad took us to Walmart to get us some new scarves (see pics). They have paw prints all over them - mom got us each 2 in case one got wet or dirty. We look very pretty and handsome with our new scarves on. Mom also got us some new chewbones which Buddy keeps taking mine. Hope all my friends out there are having as much fun as we are!

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Congratulations on your two new fur babies!!!! How cute are they. I know you will really enjoy having them in your life. And I doubt they will sleep in the kennel. There will be extra pillows on the bed tonight.

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