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An American Dog
Dog Songs

The music, "An American Dog" is courtesy of Kirk Olsen, who has a great CD out that every dog lover should have... Check out his site "DogSongs" to hear more sample tracks... or better yet, spring for the $14 and GET YOUR OWN!
(Click on Album Cover to buy...)
You can find Kirk at:

Riki Kiki (The Tahitian Fishing Dog)
Maybe Manana
If My Dog Could Talk
The Dog Across the Street
Please Take Me Home
(I want to be a) Circus Dog
I Used to Have a Girlfriend
American Dog
Too Much Love for One Bed
It's a Dog's Life
The Dog Beach Boogie
An Old Dog's Song

Tails of the City
"Furry" Murry Weinstock, presents "Tails of the City".
"Tails of the City" is an assortment of songs about dogs from a dog's point of view and features Dr. John, Phoebe Snow, John Sebastian, Joey Spampinato, Joe Lynn Turner of Rainbow, Johnny Farina, & The Toys' Barbara Harris.
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