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My.IntelliPups Community PRIVACY POLICY

The My.IntelliPups Community is an online application service which allows its users to create individual 'home pages' which can be linked together with other users into 'virtual neighborhoods'. These pages display some of the participant's personal information which allows other participants and visitors to identify them, and to expand their own networks. Users may update their personal information at any time, and can control whether or not much of this information is displayed or not. Information such as Last Names, Addresses, or Telephone numbers are never displayed.

We respect every individual's right to online privacy, and should you have questions about our Privacy Policy, we encourage you to contact us through our contact page with those questions.

In the course of providing our services, My.IntelliPups collects information from users including name, email address, and birthday as a part of our user validation and membership process. We also collect data including gender, location, personal interests, hobbies, education, occupation and other information which users may or may not provide, but which may be displayed on members home pages.

Items such as Member's photos, first name, age, gender and general location are displayed to aid Members in locating other users with similar backgrounds, interests, goals, etc. We use email addresses to provide information to users about the service, provide new passwords if passwords are forgotten and to notify users about invitations to become associates with other Members in the system, as well as other uses by My.IntelliPups as may be necessary of desired from time to time. We do not share user's personal information, including email addresses, with third parties.

We also collect data pertaining to overall usage statistics for our own analysis purposes. Overall page displays by period, and catagorized page displays (not by individual user) may, and often are required by and provided to advertisers. These are never statistics attributed to a single user, and are the only statistics provided to 3rd parties.

  • Anonymous Information - This is non personally identifiable information transmitted by your computer/browser while on the internet, and is what is used for statistical tracking purposes. Examples of this information include:
    • Internet Browser type
    • IP address
    • Page from which you came to any page in our system
    • Pages viewed in our system
  • Anonymous Information Shared with:
    • Marketing/Advertising companies with which we maintain a relationship. Only general statistics as defined above are shared.
    • Subpoenas and Court Orders - We will make information available to government agencies upon presentation of subpoenas and court orders.
    • Changes to Privacy Policy - Since we do not maintain a database of our users, changes to our Privacy Policy will be made available on this page. Interested users should review this page at regular intervals.

    You may contact us directly for responses to any other questions you may have regarding our privacy policy via our CONTACT US page.

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