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My.IntelliPups Blog XML/RSS Feeds

My.IntelliPups Blogs are available via RSS (Really Simple Syndication) files. The files can be read a variety of programs known as online news aggregators, or readers.

The software enables Internet users to automatically receive instant news and information updates from My.IntelliPups and other Web sites.

RSS is a form of XML (eXtensible Markup Language) that codes headlines, story descriptions, and other data that can be scraped by news readers.

When My.IntelliPups members publish new and updated content, changes automatically appear wherever RSS syndication is implemented.

To receive the RSS feed for My.IntelliPups member auntfannie, add the following URL to your RSS program:

Aggregators require little technical expertise, and even allow Web site administrators to add RSS content feeds to their own sites. Popular news aggregator software programs include
Visit any of these or other sites to install aggregator software and build your own personal media syndicate.

If you'd prefer to let a Web site do the aggregating for you, many (often free) options exist. Some allow you to receive headlines within your e-mail system or via a crawling "ticker" on your desktop.

My Yahoo! users, for example, can add RSS to their personal pages. Other options for dedicated RSS sites include
Interested in learning more? Check out the following RSS resources:

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